A Little Piece of You ♡

Zine Design, Web Design, Product Design
As we go on about our lives in this fast-paced world, we rarely stop to appreciate the things and the people around us, only until a major life event changes that. This project was sparked from a personal experience of facing shocking news about my dad being diagnosed with cancer, which inevitably caused a pause in my life. During those times, I looked inwards to reflect back on my memories with this person, and begin to value our shared moments and the ways in which this relationship has shaped and guided me.

Inspired by my moment of reflection, I sat down with friends and strangers to listen to their personal stories surrounding their connection with those they cherish most in life, and ultimately designed locket for them as an exchange. Through these conversations, they learn to put their walls down and reminisce about a special someone. These stories taught me the different kinds of love; familial, romantic, companionship. It also revealed the complexities of relationships; of time and space, of life and death.

A Little Piece of You is an ode to human connections. The zine gives these stories the space to hold power and vulnerability.

The contribution of one’s curation is then translated into scannable lockets that lead to a microsite consisting of memories they can hold onto. This is made possible through the Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows the activation from necklace/bracelet to mobile phones much like a QR code.

These jewelry pieces are my gift for them for allowing me to learn about love. It also becomes living proof that although people are mortal, memories lasts forever.